Nextdoor Neighborhood 2020 Favorite
Thank you @nextdoor and thank you to all of our amazing clients!!
About The Warehouz Salon
A little bit of background on our fabulous Shawnee hair salon!

The Warehouz is a full-service beauty salon in Shawnee, Kansas dedicated to consistently providing high customer satisfaction, excellent service, and quality products.
It is a place where customers can explore and try new looks in an environment that makes them feel excited and ready to embrace their unique / individual personalities.
The Warehouz is Johnson County's choice for all those who desire a unique salon experience and a salon that focuses on staying current with all the latest cuts, colors, styles and hair treatments.

Customer Feedback

You have to book your appointment here! The industrial farmhouse style with stunning panoramic views welcome any client to the sunrise or sunset. But that is not what makes a successful business hoping! What keeps the locals loyal is the quality of ownership and each stylist. They are dedicated to their craft and stay current with the ever-changing trends. Attention to detail is not only apparent in the design of the salon, it is also in the quality of skills. Well done!
~ A.L.