Cancer Sucks

Cancer Sucks

Our jobs as stylists are so complicated…

 It’s really FUN.

It’s really TIRING.

It’s really REWARDING.

It’s really CREATIVE.

Sometimes…. it’s really HARD!

Making our clients feel like family is one of my favorite parts of this job.

But because they are family, we celebrate their ups and downs.

We feel their happy and we feel their hurt.

When they come to see us, we talk hair and we talk life and the hardest

part for me is when they tell me they are sick.



As a stylist, I have had to have this conversation too many times to count in 20 plus years.

It breaks my heart EVERY SINGLE TIME and I know that this won’t stop as long as i am behind the chair.

I know the road we will travel with them.

I know that we will be cutting hair short, shaving this same hair when it gets unbearable and itchy and starts to fall out.

Crying, laughing and cussing at THIS STUPID CANCER.

Styling wigs, cutting & shaping the same wig to try to give them options they feel comfortable with.

It is one of the most important things we can help our clients with in this career.

It’s hard but it’s SOOOOOO necessary & so IMPORTANT.

So let’s love them right through this journey because